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Pioneers...Webcasting for the last 2 years...

Live Online Video Webcasting & Streaming at Chennai Wedding Photographers

End to End Solutions

# Standard and High End Videography

# Multi Camera Video and Audio mixing

# Video Shooting, Editing and Content Management

# Mobile internet set up for venues where  internet is not available

# Worldwide Live Webcasting

# Online Video Broadcast

# Video delivery to customized web pages

# On-Demand video

# More safer storage of Videos on the web for future viewing

Chennai Wedding Photographers facilitates to webcast your event LIVE on the internet and invite a worldwide audience to virtually participate in the event. For example, Given the time demands and busy days in every one’s life today, Can you expect all your close family members, your friends or office colleagues to fly from around the world or even from Bangalore or Mumbai to attend your family member’s marriage or a birthday? But they can very well be with your family on your event or function, watching you, happy as you are, through our innovative technology and services!!

We strive to make every LIVE WEBCASTING EVENT in a professional manner giving you the real feel of the atmosphere when you see a programme online from anywhere in the world combined with our professional Video & Audio. We provide you with customized solutions for covering events online and reach a worldwide audience.

Live Webcasting of your Events!

Your focus should be on your event or function you organize. You need not worry about your near and dear ones across the globe missing the event! Through our professionally managed Webcasting services, we can handle full-scale production of a live webcast, Video production, Video Mixing, Content acquisition, Live Broadcasting and delivery to viewers across the world. They are free to watch the event live from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

visit our dedicated website for Live Webcasting details...

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