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at Chennai Wedding Photographers
  • Are you Real Professional Photographers OR Part-timers OR Amateurs?
    We are Real Professional Photographers, thanking GOD everyday, for selecting us to serve the society, by creating memories for every human who choose us to serve them. For us, every client is a GOD sent person and every event is an GOD's given opportunity for us to serve. WE ARE REALLY PASSIONATE PHOTOGRAPHERS & VIDEOGRAPHERS AND WE SINCERELY LOVE TO CREATE MEMORIES...
  • What is your experience in photography?
    I have been in the industry for the past 32 years and I have a team of young and experienced creative buddies to shoot the pictures.
  • What is the difference between you (Chennai Wedding Photographers) and other photographers?
    Experience is the answer. Our photographs will be of international quality with our tradition weaved in-between. Every precious moment of your wedding will be recorded without your knowledge. Our photo album will be of highest quality and persons looking at the album will surely ask who did this job. We are sure that you will refer us to other freinds & relatives for their family weddings and events... 60% of our business is through referral and 40% new clients.
  • Do you do Creative Candid Photography?
    Yes. Chennai Wedding Photographers have been doing this for the last 2 decades termed as "LIVE SHOTS" along with traditional photographs. Now that concept has evolved as CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY and you could imagine the quality created with 2 decades experience. Just check our samples in the Gallery. We believe in creating YOUR IMAGINATIONS TO IMAGES...We believe that Innovation & Entrepreneurship are the new game changers.
  • How important is a wedding for you?
    Though we shoot around 8 to 10 weddings in a month, we very well know that every wedding event is very very important for the family members organizing it. The same way every wedding, every event, every client very very important to us, hence we make sure that all the Invaluable moments of your wedding are recorded in a professional manner.
  • Will you do the job personally or you will send some assistants?
    I supervise and coordinate every wedding personally, taken forward by our team of enthusiatic, passionate, like minded young professionals who know the importance and value of every wedding. We are a team of 18 professionals and we accept 2 or 3 weddings to the max on any particular day. Moreover, a professionaly qualified back up team will be ready to execute services, in times of emergencies. Hence, we see that every photography & videography needs of yours will be fulfilled to your satisfaction.
  • What type of equipments do you use?
    We normally use high end digital SLR cameras like the latest Canon 5D Mark III, Mark II and 6D with a wide range of lenses to shoot your wedding. We have professionals as assistants; hence you are assured of best quality pictures. The most important part is we update not only equipments but also our technical knowledge...
  • Is there any minimum budget for Chennai Wedding Photographers or Chennai Wedding Photography to accept an order?​
    We don’t have any minimum budget, but still, we will deliver goods as per the money paid. The quality will be the same as high budgeted photo assignments, but the number of photographs taken and selected for design will be as per the budget only. Hence, more the budget more will be the number of photographs and designs for albums.
  • Why should we use your photography knowledge at a higher cost, while there are many other professional photographers available at a much lesser cost?"
    The “Wedding Day” happens only once in everyone’s life and Chennai Wedding Photographers understands the importance. Your only available memory of your wedding is photo album book and the video DVD’s after your wedding. Hence you should be very careful in selecting your photographer and videographer. Why risk your “only available memories” for the sake of cost, when you spend thousands and lakhs on other wedding arrangements. The total amount you spend on a wedding, gets registered only when a professional photographer and videographer like us, shoots them and records them professionally. If you are still not convinced, please understand that every camera takes pictures, but the quality of the picture will surely be different and better, when taken by professionals like us, using the same camera. It is not the camera that takes quality pictures, but it is the knowledge and practical experience of professional photographers like us that creates a new perspective angle and meaning to the picture. In short, believes that every aspect, like your dress, jewelry, decorations, locations, food, natural expressions and heart-felt emotions should be recorded at beautiful angles, even without your knowledge. That is the DIFFERENCE. Keep in mind that EXPERIENCE COUNTS...
  • What are your terms and conditions as far as payments are concerned?
    a) 30% advance of the total value of the package booked is preferred at the time of booking. b) 60% of the total value of the package as 2nd advance on Wedding Day. c) The balance 10% should be paid on delivery of photo albums and video DVD’s. In addition to the above, for weddings & events happening outside Chennai, we charge additional 25% of the total value of the selected package as 'out of chennai professional charges' apart from travel, stay and food expenses.
  • How are Chennai Wedding Photographers and Chennai Wedding Photography pictures different from the pictures taken by other photographers?
    Most of the photographers carry only one flash unit to light up the subject in weddings and events, but our chennaiweddingphotographers professional team carries 4 professionally networked flash units with soft boxes and umbrellas for lighting. When only one flash unit is used, we cannot view the 3rd dimension of the picture because of single flat light, whereas, when using multiple flash units, the depth, color saturation and sharpness of the pictures varies a lot and you can see the 3rd dimension of the picture. As said earlier, we paint the pictures with controlled light; hence, our pictures are surely different from the pictures of other photographers.
  • How many pictures will you shoot in an event? Or are there any limitations in the number of pictures?
    Any customized package you select, we will shoot all the important aspects of the wedding to make your event more meaningful and more importantly all the images will be delivered to you. You have to choose and select the pictures for album designing, depending upon the package you select. For example, if you choose Wedding + Reception Candid Package, you can select 600 images for album.
  • Why should we choose photographs for album designing? Will you show us the album designs before printing and album making?
    We believe that you are the right persons to select the pictures for your albums because it is your album and the contents of your album should be to your taste and wish. We shoot every picture with a purpose and every picture in your album will have a meaning. Moreover, on completion of designing, all the designs will be mailed to you for approval. Changes or corrections if needed will be incorporated and the final output will be 'Your Imaginations to Images'. We breathe photography every second and every album is our baby, hence, we take utmost care to deliver the best at cost effective prices. “"We believe that our business grows only because of satisfied clients, when they refer our work to others"”.
  • Do you outsource album designing and video editing to 3rd parties?
    The most important advantage and benefit you get when you select our photography & videography services is all our album designing and video editing work is done in house, in our own office by real experienced graphic designers and video editors. Hence, you are welcome to our office in working hours and personally do the corrections and enhancement to albums and videos (This is very important, because, you need to experience 'Feel at Home' services, to get the final output as you imagined)
  • What is your delivery time of images, albums and videos?"
    DVD's containing all the images will be delivered to you, within 3 days from the date of the wedding. Then you have to select the photos for album and we assure you, we will show you the album designs in 14 days flat from the date we recieve the selected photo list. Your designed album will be made of natural pictures, black & white images and special effects pictures creatively designed by experienced designers. On approval of designs, we will deliver the finished album books in 4 days.



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